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A BRIEF History (2007 - present)

2007 - Cal Neff K4JSR and Bill Wilson KJ4EX conspire to get  the Hams in Barrow County together and form a                   Club.  The original Charter Members of the group meet for the first time.  Through the fall, plans and 
             documentation is prepared for 2008, our first chartered year.  Cal Neff is voted in as the First President.
2008 - First Charter Year for the Barrow Amateur Radio Emergency Services Club in Barrow County.
            The Barrow Repeater is placed into service for testing.  A Club Call sign is applied for.  The original call
            sign of KJ4CKY was assigned.  The vanity call of WR4BC was later applied applied for and granted.
2010 - The Barrow Amateur Radio Emergency Services Club changes name to Barrow Amateur Radio
             Club  in  order to gain ARRL Affiliation.   The "Amateur Radio Emergency Services" moniker is a
             registered trademark of the ARRL.  The Barrow Amateur Radio Club (a Social Organization) becomes
             an ARRL Afilliated organization.  Barrow ARES becomes it's own entity, unofficially BARES. The Barrow
            Amateur Radio Club, and Barrow ARES continue to participate in numerous Ham activities and events
            through 2013.
2011 - Planning for Ham Radio stations at the Barrow Regional Medical Center and the Barrow County EOC are
             in the works.
2014 - The Barrow Amateur Radio Club thinned it's annual event planning to 3 events, Georgia QSO Party/Spring
            BARC-B-Q, Field Day, and the Bethlehem Special Event Station in December.  Barrow ARES members will
            get credit for participating in those events, as well as participate in other Barrow ARES hosted events such
           as Public Service Day, Spin-For-Kids and Jug Tavern demonstration and course communications support
           stations. - The Barrow Regional Medical Center will be supported by the Barrow Amateur Radio Club, and
            the Barrow Emergency Operations Center radio station will be supported by Barrow ARES.  All Barrow
            ARES members are also BARC members, so there are plenty of operator overlap on the Club side of the

5/28/2014 - de Bill Wilson, KJ4EX, cofounder, past Secretary past President, Past Vice President, Treasurer of BARC, and Barrow County ARES Emergency Coordinator and Barrow County ARES Skywarn Coordinator.